Brief History and Future

Brief History and Future Prospects for Graduates

This Department was established in 2002 on the scenic Taoyuan campus of Ming Chuan University.

  The eleven faculty members in the department were all educated in prestigious domestic and foreign universities. Young and full of passion for education and research, they include six full professors, four associate professors, and one assistant professors . Their specialties cover a broad spectrum, which includes semiconductors, optoelectronics, biomedical engineering, microwave, computer engineering, and integrated circuit design.

  We use a project-focused approach to train students in the planning, producing, and problem- solving skills in all technical areas. On the one hand, students can build up the foundation of practical applications; on the other hand, students may become familiar with every step of the research procedures. In the curriculum arrangement, special attention is given to both foundation and the specialties, emphasizing both theory as well as experiments, in order to train students with the abilities of analysis, design, and production. By combining all five major engineering fields, the department fully prepares our students for the future demands of the electronic industry. This department also encourages students to pursue advanced coursework for cutting edge knowledge in electronic technology.

  This department collaborates with outstanding professors of the other departments in the School of Information Technology, and with their help and equipment, our students are able to develop the full aspects of communication, electronics and communication specialties.

  In addition to one large teaching laboratory, the Electronic Engineering Department is also equipped with five research oriented laboratories, a semiconductor measurement laboratory, an optoelectronic laboratory, an IC design and application laboratory, a signal and system laboratory, and a computer applications laboratory.

  Moreover, in line with the University's goal of Education Internationalization, this department especially strengthens students' foreign language abilities (English and Japanese). In addition, this department aggressively establishes international academic exchanges with famous universities of other countries. Therefore, during the four years' study at Ming Chuan, our students may also have the opportunity of in-depth training at other first class universities in the world.